Anastasia is Deeplite’s Digital Marketing Manager. With a love for writing and storytelling, she wanted to pursue a career in journalism. She tells us how she made the transition into a marketing role. Oh, and did we mention that she breathes fire?! 🔥


I was born in the far Noth-West of Russia, beyond the polar circle in Murmansk. When I was 23, I moved to Helsinki, Finland, to study for my second master’s degree. I’ve spent seven years in Finland before moving to Montreal, Canada, which I am very much considering my home now.

When I think of my birthplace, I remember the rough but beautiful nature of tundra, the bright colours of the valleys covered with moss, frozen winter trees resembling corals, and polar lights stretching out on the sky so bright that they could be seen even in the city.

On this segment of Women In Marketing we chat with Cynthia who is the Group Head for Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Hollard Ghana. She was quite busy in her tertiary years as a member of the student representative council and also as a student radio journalist. Fast forward to today, she shares with us why brands need to bolster their storytelling efforts in order to appeal to their audience. Let’s jump right in! 🇬🇭


Until I was about seven, I thought I was born in Saudi Arabia because my family lived there during my infancy. My mum quickly corrected…

Michelle joins us for this segment of Women In Marketing. She is the Communications & Digital Marketing Manager for De’Longhi Group. The Port Elizabeth born marketer speaks about innovation as well as the importance of customer centricity as brands seek to personalize marketing. Let’s learn more 🇿🇦


I was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Some of my fondest memories are of myself and my sister creating stories about the fairies in our huge garden, hockey with the cousins on the weekend, baking cakes with my gran in the kitchen “nook” and the beach.

From Port Elizabeth and joining us for this segment of Women In Marketing is Samkelwe Gqomo, Director at Womandla Global Network. With leadership traits stemming from when she was young and active in extra curricular activities at school, Samkelwe is comfortable in her role as a leader. She talks about the digital divide and the hindrance it has in South Africa especially as a lot of people continue to work remotely. Let’s learn more about her 🇿🇦


I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. My fondest memories were participating in EVERYTHING from Netball to Hockey…

Michelle joins us for this segment of Women in Marketing. She is the Marketing Manager at ESET Africa. Whilst we can all agree that content marketing is important, Michelle explains further why personalised content reigns supreme. With all the knowledge she shared with us, she’ll definitely achieve her goal to be CMO one day 🇰🇪


I am Nairobi born and bred 🤩.

Sunday drives to Sno-cream in Nairobi CBD for chocolate-covered cones listening to Kenny G, Sade, and Whitney Houston. Annual beach vacays to the Kenyan Coast with my family. Christmas eve dinners with family — Christmas is huge for us!

On this segment of Women In Marketing we chat with Amalina who is the Head of Marketing at Allo Technology, a telecommunications company based in Malaysia. Whilst the call to be a marketer comes naturally to some, Amalina actually wanted to be a lawyer. After some exposure to TV adverts however, the love began to manifest. Who said TV was bad!? Let’s learn more about her 🇲🇾


I was born in a small town called Taiping, Perak. The wettest place in Malaysia.

I was raised by my grandparents until I was seven years old before my parents decided to move my siblings and I back to Selangor in 1988. Growing up, I was a very active little girl where I used to cycle around with my friends to find a spot for us to play. We always ended up playing in a drain so that we could play with water. If not the drain, we would find anything and create some games out of it.

From the UAE and joining us for this segment of Women In Marketing is Ketaki who is the Head of Marketing for Nando’s UAE. The Mumbai-born marketer actually holds bragging rights as a swimmer at national level! Nowadays, apart from her day to day as the marketing head, she is a student at the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University completing her Masters. Are you also a member of the Avengers Ketaki? What a Powerhouse. Let’s learn more about her 🇦🇪


Born in Mumbai, the City of Dreams in India.

Childhood memories will definitely be my family, especially the time with my younger brother. My mom was a career professional, so I have been like a second mother to my brother.

For this segment of Women In Marketing, we chat with Ilana Mpiti who is a Social Media Coordinator at Standard Bank. When she’s not working up the next social media campaign, Ilana is an excellent chess player. Perhaps she can share with us what exactly a ‘Queens Gambit’ is? Let’s learn more about her. 🇿🇦


I was born at Mofumahadi Manapo Mopeli Hospital in Phuthaditjhaba, Qwa-Qwa. I moved to Aliwal North, Eastern Cape at the age of 5, where I was raised by my grandmother and aunt. My earliest memories would be growing up in a household with my cousins, where it felt like it was a grooming camp; full of laughter and love.

Sibongile is a Social Media Manager for advertising agency, BRAND et al. With the advent of remote work being a norm for several companies, employee burnout has subsequently become a matter of concern across various industries. Sibongile shares with us why it’s important for employers to be proactive in combating employee burnout as we adopt to this new way of work. Welcome to Women In Marketing 🇿🇦


Many of my favourite memories include my family, good food and lots of dancing. I was born and raised in Mamelodi West, Pretoria. Kasi girl who spent most of her time in the suburbs at school and after-school activities.

Susan is Qwib Services’ Brand & Marketing Manager which is based in Kenya. Her work ethic was instilled from a young age and subsequently had a strong foundation coming from a Catholic school. She speaks about the dynamics between the mentor and mentee relationship as well as why its important to stay true to your values regardless of the circumstances presented. Let’s learn more about her on this segment of Women In Marketing 🇰🇪


I was born in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. I grew up and went to school in the city. However, I can’t consider myself a city girl as I went to boarding school at a very young age from primary to secondary level. During the holidays, I remember my dad taking us to the airport to see planes landing and taking-off:) That was quite an adventure those days.

Also, we had so many games we used to play during the holidays as there was no social media, mobile phones, PlayStation etc. Most kids used to play outside in the soil; My favourite…

Thabiso Kgabung

Head of Relationship Management at naughtybanana

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